Allow FYI to take care of the repetitive tasks and jobs for your bookkeeping team.

Rapidly scale your bookkeeping services with FYI

We have worked with many accounting firms to bring you all the tools to automate your bookkeeping services. Saving you time, creating consistency, and delighting your clients.

Join us for our webinar 28th March

Dedicated webinar for Accountants and Bookkeepers who want to rapidly scale their bookkeeping services without hiring more staff.

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Delivering a consistent and rapidly scalable bookkeeping service

With your team knowing the admin is taken care of, they can spend time adding value to your client's business.

  • Completing the job in the same way every time delivers maximum efficiency
  • Protecting your brand is easily achieved with a consistent client experience
  • Maximising profit margins by monitoring and reporting on budgets

Automate client communications

We know you regularly send the same information repeatedly to your clients. We can automatically create and send emails to your clients.

  • Automatically remind clients of items required
  • Use templates to create a consistent client experience
  • Monitor and report on exceptions, not the expected
Allow FYI to take care of the repetitive tasks and jobs for your bookkeeping team.

Systemically create and rollover jobs

Never miss a deadline again. With a centralised location for all of your team to view “what’s next”.

  • Have the status of Jobs automatically updated based on key milestones being met
  • Simply see the state of any jobs to efficiently remove any blockers
  • Rollover key data to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks

Out-of-the-box configuration

With this dedicated solution for rapidly scaling your bookkeeping services from FYI, we can be sure to notice efficiency gains quickly.

  • Full automations written to simply fire up and away you go
  • All templates for Word, Excel and Outlook provided as part of the bundle
  • Full training and onboarding services available

Centralise all client interactions

Never miss a phone call, lose another email or spend minutes looking for a document.

  • Automatically file all inbound emails from clients
  • Centralised client view for full visibility
  • Track all phone calls and meetings and directly assign tasks & comments from here

Want to see FYI scaled bookkeeping in action?

Join us on the 28th March at 10:00am

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Can we edit the automation and templates?

How much does this cost?

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