Employee Management for Accountants

Manage employees quick, smart

Successful staff management is key to attracting and retaining employees. And there’s no aspect of employee management that can’t be automated with FYI.

Streamlined HR processes

  • Securely maintain employee records, including personal details, documents, and activities.
  • Automate onboarding and offboarding, including Learn courses and prework activities.
  • Easy management of internal processes for their practice including creating emails, documents and tasks to support employees.
  • Simplify performance reviews and development processes with tailored automations.

Enhanced security and compliance

  • Permissions levels for secure access control.
  • Dedicated Employee Cabinet for all employee-related documents, accessible only by authorised users.
  • Ensure confidentiality with specific employee custom fields and security settings tailored to HR needs.

Productivity and scalability

  • Automate repetitive HR tasks, from document creation to performance management.
  • Leverage custom fields and views for efficient employee status monitoring to manage key milestones for employees.
  • Enable scalable processes through automation, supporting onboarding and growth.

Employee Management Features

Secure employee record management
Maintain detailed and secure records of staff personal details, documents, and activities.
Streamlined onboarding and offboarding
Automate prework, learn courses, and exit interviews for a seamless transition.
Facilitate regular reviews
Automated processes and document generation take the hassle out of the review process.
Customise access controls
Tiered permission levels for secure employee information.
Secure employee-related documents
A dedicated employee cabinet provides a secure place for all employee-related documents.
Efficient employee list management
Easily view, export data, and manage tasks for all employees from a single location.

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