Make every second count for more

Automate repetitive tasks and recover more time for what counts – work that adds more value for your practice and your clients.

Build your perfect app stack

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A single source of data, a single source of truth

Sync your clients, client groups, jobs and team info for one source of truth practice-wide.

Add digital signing

Create signature requests and automatically update workflows when documents are signed.

Add corporate compliance

Save time with auto-import of corporate documents, auto-filed in FYI.

Add tax

Auto-import tax returns and ATO documents and cross-check ATO assessments automatically.

All your apps connected

Import and auto-file reports, compile and send documents, and jump between apps, with everything seamlessly integrated.
The more processes you automate in your practice, the faster the efficiencies add up
Proven ROI > Time savings of up to 20% within 3 months

Automate to save hours on routine work

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Spend less time retrieving and filing documents

Automatically import and file tax returns, assessments, financial reports, corporate compliance and other documents.

Let FYI remind you of the important stuff

Make sure nothing is missed! Receive automatic reminders when tasks are overdue or documents are uploaded, signed or ready for approval.

Deliver the best client service ever

Automate new client onboarding, quarterly report reminders, income tax return checklists, reminders to contact important clients, and more.

Automate tedious compliance work

Let FYI auto-create the meetings, tasks, emails and documents for repetitive compliance work, with job states and key dates automatically updated as you go.

Make email marketing a breeze

Send an email or e-newsletter to your entire client base or a segmented list. You can even include attachments and auto-manage email unsubscribes.

No need to start from scratch

Check out our range of process automations - ready for you to import and activate.

Onboard a New Client
Auto-create emails, documents and tasks for an excellent client experience.
Overdue Task Reminder
Send your team a daily summary of outstanding tasks.
Reminder to Contact a Client
Send a reminder to a Partner if a client has not been contacted in 90 days.
Quarterly Report Reminders 
Send a series of emails requesting information for quarterly reports.
Send a Bulk Email to All Clients
Send an email newsletter to your entire client base.
Client Signed Notification
Get notified when a signed client document has been auto-filed in FYI.
Establish a New Entity
Auto-create tasks and emails establishing a new entity for a client.
Year-End Compliance Job Kick-Off
Auto-create documents and let your team know it's ready to start.

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With more ways to enhance your productivity than any other platform.

Manage your work 

More ways to recover more time – and concentrate on work that adds more value.

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