Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Are there any pre-requisites for using FYI?

What can I do in FYI during the 30-day trial?

What happens when the trial period ends?


Is there a cost associated with the FYI onboarding process?

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

How do I know which plan is right for my practice?

Do we need a consultant to assist us with implementation and training?

What level of support does FYI provide?

Security and Reliability

Where is our data stored?

How is our data backed up?

What level of security does FYI provide?

Does FYI comply with Privacy Laws?

Who owns our data? And what happens if we decide to cancel our subscription?

Data Migration

How difficult is the data migration process?

How long does it take to migrate my documents?

What data is migrated along with my documents?

Can I maintain my existing folder structures?

Do I need to prepare my data beforehand?

Can I maintain my existing MYOB cabinet and category structures?

How do you match our client folders to clients in XPM? What if they don’t match?

What happens to archived client data on migration?