Collaborate with your Clients

Run Time:   45 minutes


Tuesday 26th March 12:00PM AEDT


Join the FYI team and special guest, Practice Protect, in this 45-minute pre-recorded webinar to find out how you can leverage FYI to effortlessly share documents securely with your clients. We’ll have live Q&A with the team to help you make the most of Collaborate!

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The benefits of NEW Collaborate
    The FYI team will take you through how Collaborate will make sharing documents with clients effortless and provide a great experience.
  • Configuring & Customising NEW Collaborate
    We’ll guide you through the conversion from Legacy to New Collaborate, or if you’re new to Collaborate, how to configure it to your requirements. We’ll also be showing you how to customise your SharePoint to give a tailored experience to your clients!
  • Special Guest: Practice Protect 
    We know navigating Microsoft SharePoint can occasionally be confusing, so our special guest from Practice Protect, will talk you through troubleshooting SharePoint and common issues when sharing documents with clients, plus a very special offer to help you Collaborate effortlessly.

If you can’t make the live event, register to receive the resources post-event including the webinar recording.

Cassie Kaddatz

Head of Client Success

Having worked in the accounting industry for more than 16 years, Cassie has a deep understanding of the requirements for practice success. She now works across FYI’s Client Success and Product teams to ensure our clients are benefiting from the platform’s many features to save time, improve efficiencies and get maximum ROI.

Dylan Pietrala

Accounting Practice Specialist

Dylan has almost 2 decades of experience in the accounting industry. He has extensive experience helping practices implement change and optimize processes to ensure efficiency and drive ROI. Dylan works with our engineering team to develop and deliver product features that help our practices continue to benefit from the FYI platform and future proof their business. 

Jon Melloy

Head of Growth
Practice Protect

Jon Melloy serves as the head of growth for Practice Protect, the largest cybersecurity platform used by over 24,000 accountants. With an extensive background in data security and the accounting industry, Jon works with accountants daily to ensure that their people, process, and software are positioned for security.

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