FYI is five!

Posted on 20 December 2023

We’ve come a long way since Xero’s ‘App to Watch in 2019’, but even then, who could’ve predicted we’d get to where we are?  (We did, of course). And this month, we’re proudly celebrating our 5th birthday! 

It takes a long time to be this ahead of the times.  

Since 2016, all of our ambition has been poured into one vision: to build the world’s most efficient document management and process automation engine.  

But to start at the start, let’s go back to 1997. While others were still grappling with fax machines, our founder Rob was rolling out his first paperless office in an accounting firm of 500 users. Back then, Rob knew his ultimate goal was to create something that made life easier for accountants, and that’s when FYI started to take shape.  

Rob spent the next 20 years delivering top-tier efficiency to accountants around the globe, while quietly forming FYI’s foundations. Until this day, the vision remains the same, going the extra mile and always providing accountants what they need most.  

Does FYI go above and beyond document management? One million percent.
Aly Garrett Founder
All In Advisory

And then, everything took off. 

Within a month of FYI’s launch in the market, Xero marked FYI as their ‘App to Watch 2019’. And as always, they were right. Less than a year later, we’d celebrated our first 100 partners, and our first 1000 active users. Less than a year after that, we’d gone international for the first time. 

In the four years that followed, we welcomed new partnerships and embedded new integrations that completely changed the game.  

  • In 2013, we created email autofiling, allowing over 56.2 million emails to be processed through our platform. 
  • In 2019, the introduction of process automation automated over 50.7 million processes, saving 5 million+ hours for accountants across the world. 
  • In 2020, we introduced our e-learning initiative of 9 informative courses, and we are currently at 28,789 completions.  
When we actually calculated how much we could save the number was phenomenal.
Jason Gluer Project Manager and Co-Owner
Wallace Diack

From then to now, and what’s next 

In 2019, we celebrated our first 1000 users. Today, that number has reached 22,509. We could tell you why, but we prefer to let our numbers do the talking; 

  • Our hyper efficient support team have resolved 27,396 tickets, with an average of under two tickets per user. 
  • Over the past 5 years, our uptime reached 99.99%  

Now in our fifth year, the launch of ‘Elite’ has signalled a new era of automation for ourselves, and accountants everywhere.  

As the new year unfolds,  you can expect continuous enhancements, evolving upgrades, and new features such as Time and Billing, Practice Reporting, AutoTime, Forms, new integrations,  with even more still up our sleeve.  

Its extensive list of features, and obvious commitment to ongoing improvements were winners for us.
Tim Zirkle HLV Partners

 As always, we owe it to you 

Above all, we exist to empower accountants. But this progress wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our partners, our users, and our industry colleagues. We’ve come a long way. But to us, we’re just getting started.