FYI Product Update | June 2023

Posted on 16 June 2023

We’re thrilled to share some exciting new features and enhancements that will take your FYI experience to the next level.

For those who want a recap or were unable to attend, don’t stress – we have you covered. We’ve included a live recording of the session and prepared a summary of the key highlights, ensuring you stay informed. So, let’s dive in!


We’re always looking for ways to make your life easier, which is why we’ve introduced some fantastic new options for Automations. Say hello to the new End of Month option! This feature allows you to perform bulk updates to Client and Job date fields effortlessly. With this new option you can now dynamically update your date fields to the last day of the month when the automation process runs, FYI has you covered.

You can now add the Budget Summary Report to the “Client Ledger Reports AutoFile” Custom Automation process, giving you even more control over your reporting.

Plus, we’ve expanded our Automations Library with a new section dedicated to Data Integrity and essential automations for Job Rollover and Bookkeeping processes, just in time for the new Australian financial year. To view all our automations, click here.


We’re excited to announce our recent integrations with two new Workpaper partners, Cimplico & CCH Workpapers. With these integrations, you can seamlessly flow data and files between FYI and these app partners, making workpaper preparation a breeze.

But that’s not all! We’ve also launched our highly anticipated integration with Xplan, allowing you to import critical financial documents directly into FYI for easy filing, for integration with Xplan click here.

For our Australin and New Zealand users, we’ve added new functionality to the Client – Tax Tab, including additional columns and filters for better visibility and management, to read more click here.

Last but not least, our integration with Microsoft Teams now sends Summary Notifications for Clients, Jobs, Tasks, Documents, and Practice Activity. Stay connected and informed right from your Teams workspace! 

Support & Education

At FYI, we’re committed to your success. That’s why we continue to expand our educational resources and experiences. Introducing our new Learn Course, “Managing Jobs & Recording Time.” This comprehensive course offers on-demand training to help you master job management and time recording in FYI. We understand that everyone learns differently, so we’ve also expanded our Learning Resources to cater to various learning styles. Choose the content format that suits you best and unlock your full potential with FYI. To read more, click here.

FYI Adminitrators 

We value the administrators who keep everything running smoothly. That’s why we’ve released several enhancements to make your life easier. XPM synchronisations are now scheduled to run daily at 8 pm AEST, ensuring your data is always up to date.  

We’ve also enhanced Practice Activity to provide more details in the “Action Required” window for Job errors, enabling quick resolutions. 

When it comes to email management, we’ve made it even more seamless. Emails sent from FYI using the Draft in Outlook option are now immediately marked as Delivered in FYI, streamlining your workflow.  

We’ve also brought back Task Grouping, so you can organise your tasks effortlessly and stay on top of your to-do list. 

Deep Dive into NEW Collaborate

Collaboration lies at the heart of FYI, and we’ve taken it to a whole new level with our latest update: NEW Collaborate. This enhanced collaboration tool offers a defined portal experience that can be branded, providing easy sharing and access for your clients. We explored the key differences between Old and New Collaborate, how to configure New Collaborate for your practice, and explored the customisation options for your new portal. We also guided you through the sharing experience from both the practice’s and clients’ perspectives, ensuring a seamless and efficient collaboration process.

Product Roadmap

But wait, there’s more! We gave a sneak peek into the upcoming features on our product roadmap. Watch the recording belowto get an exclusive look at what’s coming next for FYI.

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