FYI’s innovation and collaboration with Xero recognised at prestigious national awards

Posted on 26 March 2024

One of the leading platforms for document management and automation in the accountancy sector, FYI, is celebrating its shortlisting for the prestigious Practice App of the Year at the 2024 UK Xero Awards. 

This nomination highlights FYI’s commitment to innovation and excellence in integrating its state-of-the-art platform with Xero, improving productivity and collaboration for accounting professionals nationwide. 

FYI’s platform is designed to enhance how accountants manage documents, automating mundane tasks and allowing for seamless collaboration. 

The close partnership between FYI and Xero has been instrumental in ensuring that FYI’s features complement Xero’s ecosystem, providing users with a streamlined experience that maximises efficiency and minimises errors. 

Being shortlisted for the Practice App of the Year at the UK Xero Awards is a testament to our innovative approach and our dedication to the accounting community,
Ian Cooper Head of UK Operations

The collaboration between FYI and Xero extends beyond software integration. FYI maintains an incredible working relationship with the Xero team, participating in Xero roadshows and co-hosting numerous events and webinars. 

These initiatives are designed to keep the accountancy market informed about the latest trends and best practices, ensuring that accountants have the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving industry. 

FYI is also proud to acknowledge that several of its users, including esteemed practices such as DNA, James Scott, and Thorne Widgery, have also been shortlisted for awards at this year’s ceremony. 

This recognition underscores the significant impact that FYI, in conjunction with Xero, has had on the operational excellence and service delivery of its users. 

“We are immensely proud not only of our nomination but also of the achievements of our users who have been recognised alongside us,” added Ian. Xero has been at the forefront of innovation in the accounting space for many years, with many of the brightest shining firms building a Xero offering into their strategic business models.  

“This collective success is a clear indication of the strength of our community and the powerful synergy between FYI’s platform and Xero’s comprehensive accounting solutions.” 

The UK Xero Awards celebrate the achievements of Xero’s partners and app developers, recognizing those who have made significant contributions to the accounting industry. 

The winners of the Xero Awards will be announced at an exclusive awards ceremony later this year.