Going live – Listen to our appearance on Humanise the Numbers

Posted on 19 December 2023

Earlier this year, Ian Cooper, one of our leading experts with nearly two decades of experience in working with over 2,500 accounting firms, shared his profound insights into the accounting profession and the evolution it has undergone with the renowned podcast, Humanise the Numbers.

Cooper, who is currently spearheading the UK operations of our fast-growing document management and process automation software company, discusses the essentials for running a thriving, modern accountancy firm.

He delves into the transformative impact of automation in the accountancy sector, emphasising how it’s reshaping the landscape by enhancing staff satisfaction and retention.

By eliminating repetitive and mundane tasks, automation empowers employees to engage in deeper, more meaningful work, fostering creativity and innovation.

Listeners can expect to gain invaluable insights from Ian as he articulates the intangible benefits that automation brings to accounting firms.

Listen Here