Revolutionising Document Management in Accounting: The Impact of FYI’s Practice Sync with CCH and IRIS users

Posted on 23 November 2023

As the accounting world transitions to cloud-based operations, many firms still rely heavily on desktop-based practice management systems for their everyday tasks. 

This reliance often leads to frustrations and limits the full utilisation of cloud-based capabilities. What if you could combine your robust desktop compliance tools with the advantages of the cloud?  

This is where FYI’s Practice Sync steps in, offering an innovative integration with popular desktop compliance software such as CCH and IRIS. 

We recently recorded a webinar outlining how Practice Sync is helping firms to migrate to the cloud with ease, which you can find below. 

Practice Sync offers many benefits to accountancy firms:  

Enhanced accessibility and collaboration

In the world of cloud-based accounting, practices gain the ability to access critical data, documents, and information from virtually anywhere. This means no more limitations tied to a physical office – employees can work with flexibility, whether at home, on the go, or across different branches.​ 

One of the standout features is the ability to collaborate in real-time. Employees can seamlessly work with their teams on tasks and documents, fostering instant communication. No more delays or version control issues – everyone has access to the latest information, promoting a more agile and efficient working environment.​ 

Beyond internal teamwork, cloud platforms facilitate easy and secure collaboration with clients. Partners can now share folders, documents and address client queries in a timely and secure manner. ​ 

Improved security and compliance

Security is paramount in the cloud. As we mentioned before, accounting solutions like FYI come equipped with robust security features, including data encryption, access controls, and regular security updates. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive financial information, providing accounting practices with peace of mind.​ 

Staying compliant with ever-evolving regulations can be challenging. Cloud platforms automatically update compliance measures, keeping practices current with regulatory requirements without the need for manual intervention. This reduces the risk of non-compliance and ensures your practices align with industry standards.​ 

Cloud storage takes document management to the next level. It offers configurable filing cabinets and security controls, restricting access to sensitive documents. ​ 

Efficiency and cost savings​ 

Lastly, let’s talk about efficiency and cost savings. ​ 

The cloud brings significant cost benefits by eliminating the need for expensive hardware and adopting a subscription-based pricing model. ​ 

It offers scalability, allowing you to adjust your storage and computing needs as your business grows. ​ 

Plus, with streamlined workflows available through cloud-based tools, you can enhance efficiency and reduce manual work.​ 

Although there are significant benefits associated with moving to the cloud, we can also identify the challenges accounting firms face today.  

Gradual migration 

FYI Practice Sync offers a strategic advantage with it staggered approach. You have the flexibility to transition to the cloud at your own pace. Go as slow or as fast as you like, always ensuring a smooth and low-risk migration while maintaining full control throughout the process.  

This phrased approach empowers your practice to adapt to the cloud gradually, making the transition feel like a natural evolution rather than an overwhelming overhaul. ​ 

Through automatically syncing every 15 minutes, we ensure that your data is always up to date.  

No longer do you need maintain several different platforms at one time, saving you valuable time and money. ​ 

Builds confidence 

Moving to the cloud can be an uncertain journey, but with FYI Practice Sync, you can build confidence in the cloud and its transformative benefits. The gradual nature of our approach allows your team to adapt to new workflows and embrace the cloud at their own pace.  

Using this approach practices are encouraged to test and learn about the cloud rather than committing up front, think of it like “try before you buy”. ​ 

Flexibility and options

FYI Practice Sync brings you unparalleled flexibility in your cloud journey. We understand that every practice has unique needs and preferences. With FYI practice sync you have the freedom to decide how much and when to transition to the cloud.  

This customisable approach allows you to tailor your cloud journey precisely according to your practice’s requirements. Embrace the cloud on your own terms, with the confidence that FYI will support you every step of the way.

Ready to embrace the change?

With over 1,200 firms and 22,000 users already benefiting, FYI is leading the way in cloud-based document management and process automation in accountancy.  

With a robust feature set that includes automating the generation and filing of client emails and documents, facilitating seamless collaboration and effortless task delegation, FYI stands out as the preferred solution for modern accountants. 

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