Security In Practice

Posted on 15 May 2023

Securing more time and reliability.

How has productivity in your practice changed in recent times?

As businesses lean harder on firms in the post COVID-19 world, accountants are increasingly turning to apps to streamline documentation. Staff shortages have created higher workloads, while the now-permanent shift into hybrid or remote working means the security of digital solutions is more critical than ever.

FYI’s cloud-based document management solution is saving practices more than just time. It’s safeguarding the precious data of over 400 million documents hosted on the platform.

56% of large firms anticipate their clients will need more support in the next 12 months*

Best practice begins with proven results.

At FYI, business continuity is our business. And since launching to market in November 2018, we’ve achieved 99.99% availability with zero security incidents for over 1,000 practices.

It’s peace of mind we provide through enterprise-grade data security:

  • Encryption both in transit and at rest
  • Unique encryption keys for every practice
  • Independent penetration testing
  • Strictly controlled data access
  • Full ownership of data by practices
47% of practices with revenue over $500k use a document management app like FYI*

Designed for confidence in the cloud.

If your team works remotely, you can feel secure about your data, no matter where they are.

We created FYI to guarantee high-performing, resilient and secure workloads in the cloud using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Framework. This means:

  • Microsoft Windows user authentication for secure verification
  • 24/7 protection with the latest monitoring and defences against interceptions
  • Regular load testing to guarantee it can scale to host billions of documents
33% of practices find navigating the remote or hybrid working environment an issue*

Safe storage only you have access to.

With FYI, your data is securely hosted in AWS data centres and disaster recovery sites. And only you have the keys.

Your critical information is kept safe in local storage – in Sydney for Australian and New Zealand clients, and London for our UK clients. While your own data store within AWS means you’re uniquely protected from unauthorised access.

Dynamic backup, fully restorable.

Want more comfort? With FYI, every document and version you create can be completely restored – so a disaster recovery event doesn’t have to be a disaster.

  • Data dynamically backed up by AWS for total peace of mind
  • Broad defence in a single solution – with inbuilt offsite backups, disaster recovery, multiple sites synchronisation
  • Ability to back up your own data locally, retained for 30 days
  • Priority incident management of customer-affecting events

In the case of a disaster recovery event:

  • Max period of modified data that could be lost is 5 minutes
  • Max time to restore data and service is 30 minutes
24% of practices are turning away new clients to minimise workloads*

Certified secure and private.

At FYI, we understand how critical compliance is to your business, which is why we provide certification at the highest international standards, right from the start.

While our privacy policy ensures we comply with laws in Australia, New Zealand and the UK to prevent unauthorised access to and disclosure of customer information. To ensure continued data security, all FYI users have easy access to:

38% of practices said document management apps like FYI are a top way to enhance workflows*

With FYI, reliability is a prerequisite, making it a truly secure return on investment.

*Xero State Of The Industry Report 2023