Thorne Widgery transitions to success with FYI

Posted on 24 October 2023

Sam King does not like to miss out. As Head of Xero at UK digital accountancy Thorne Widgery, he uses technology to stay ahead of the curve, and competitors.


“I like to think we’re ahead of most firms, but I don’t want us to rest on our laurels,” he says. “If we’re two years ahead at the moment, I want us to be three or four years ahead. To me, tomorrow is never far enough away.”
Sam King Head of Xero
Thorne Widgery

It’s a mindset that’s clearly spread across the business. Thorne Widgery may have a proud 75-year history, but their focus is firmly on the future.

The practice believes so much in the power of technology to transform accountancy, they partnered with Xero to put the software into schools.

They’ve embraced a full-time developer on Sam’s team. And they recently had their innovation recognised as the winner of the prestigious Total Xero Award 2023.

They also took their processes a huge step forward when they implemented FYI.

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