About us

We're on a mission to dramatically improve the productivity of accountants

FYI is the fourth generation of a concept developed by our founder, Rob Cameron.
You could say it's been more than 20 years
in the making!

Since 2016, we’ve been 100% focused on building the world’s most efficient document management and process automation engine, purpose-built for accountants.

We’re passionate about combining the very best of cloud-based document management, with advanced productivity tools and process automation to deliver cutting-edge efficiency to accountants across the globe.

Our Head Office is in the East End of Adelaide, South Australia, and our rapidly growing team works remotely from across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Our Story So Far...

Rob rolls out his first paperless office in an accounting firm of 500 users
(back when email was new, and integration with fax machines was a hot topic 😉 )


Rob joins MYOB as Global Product Strategy Manager for accountants, working across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

2006 – 2011

First iteration of FYI launches in market

Nov 2018

First Process Automation features launch

Jan 2019

Auto-Import Tax Returns and Client Ledger Reports
First productivity tools – Comments and Notifications

March 2019

Xero Practice Manager Jobs

May 2019

Knowledge Cabinets
Improvements to task management features

Aug 2019

Record XPM time without leaving FYI
Improvements to email workflows
Full text search on emails and smart signatures


Nov 2019

FuseSign and FuseDocs
The Gap, and more


AccountKit and My Prosperity

Oct 2021

700+ practices using FYI
9,000 active users
250 million documents hosted
99.99% uptime

Feb 2022

Workflow jobs
Export Automations
Autocomplete tasks
Practice Styling

June 2022

New lists for Tasks & Jobs
Task board
Cabinet Explorer
Client refresh

October 2022

Companies House, and more

February 2023

Cimplico Workpapers

June 2023

1,200+ practices using FYI
20,000 active users
550 million documents hosted
99.99% uptime

August 2023
1999 – 2006

Rob founds Level 31 – a document management solution for professionals. Acquired by MYOB in 2006.

2012 – 2014

Rob founds Dovetail – an automation platform for bookkeeping and virtual CFO services. Acquired by MYOB in 2014.

Dec 2018

Xero names FYI an ‘App to Watch in 2019

March 2019

FYI is certified for ISO 27001:2019

April 2019

Launch of Job Workspace
AutoFile email attachments

July 2019

BGL and Now Infinity

Oct 2019

First 100 practices using FYI
1,000+ active users

Feb 2020

FYI launches in New Zealand

Dec 2020

340+ practices using FYI
4,800+ active users
68 million documents hosted
99.99% uptime

Nov 2021

FYI launches in UK

April 2022

Bulk Update for Jobs & Clients
Import Automation
Personalise email signatures
Split an automation

September 2022

Microsoft teams

January 2023

FYI Support bot
Prework for new users
Convert to PDF
Task templates

April 2023

7th National Agreement Signed
FYI secures its 7th national agreement, establishing partnerships with prominent groups including PKF, Nexia, Count, Walker Wayland, MGI, and Accru.

July 2023

FYI relaunches Practice Sync
Enabling desktop users to move online by syncing with practice management software such as MYOB, APS, IRIS and CCH.

Our Leadership Team

We are committed to building a product that accountants love and a culture where everyone can thrive. We believe in empowering teams do their most impactful work.
Rob Cameron
CEO and Co-Founder
Alan McLeod
CTO and Co-Founder
David McKay
Ned Appleton
Head of Sales (ANZ)
Cassie Kaddatz
Head of Client Success
Ian Cooper
Head of UK Operations
Emily Gurney
Head of Marketing

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