Data migration – safe, seamless and simple

Enjoy a seamless transition to FYI, with no loss of data and no need to work within two systems.
  • Migrate client and non-client files We’ll provide recommendations on a filing structure for both.
  • Flexible Filing We can replicate your existing filing structures in FYI or advise on best-practice if you’re open to change.
  • Comprehensive Audit Forensic auditing of historical documents vs actual documents migrated.

We’ll help you migrate all kinds of data

Data that can be migrated to FYI includes Client, Year, Document Name, Date Created and Date Modified. Depending on your legacy system, we may also migrate the Client Group, Cabinet, and custom metadata such as Work Type, Email Threads – and more.

    Migrate your historical data with total peace of mind

    Always secure

    All FYI data is stored in Amazon AWS data centres, providing in-built off-site backups, disaster recovery, multiple sites synchronisation, and more. Your documents will sit in a store that is unique to your practice, with the highest levels of encryption available.

    Live continuous sync

    As soon as your filing structure is agreed, we will initiate a live continuous sync of your data from your legacy document management store to FYI. Newly created or edited documents will also sync.

    No Downtime

    Your team will still have access to your legacy system during the sync and can edit or create documents as usual.  There is no loss of billable hours for your practice. Your documents will be imported into FYI and filed in your specified Cabinets.

    Data Ownership

    Your practice always retains full ownership of the content you upload to FYI.

    The migration of documents and roll-out was efficient and cost-effective.  Our team jumped onto FYI from day one and it has been very seamless - we wouldn't go back!
    Transferring our files onto the FYI platform was easy, and we have been pleased with the easy access to records