FYI Elite

The newest plan within the FYI platform, crafted to provide a cohesive solution for document, employee and practice management.
  • Efficient Time & Billing Management
  • Advanced Reporting & Data Analysis
  • Streamlined Employee Management
  • Unified Client Maintenance System

A new standard in practice management

FYI Elite has been designed to address the specialised requirements of accounting practices.

Recognising the challenges of complex invoice approvals, the necessity for dynamic reporting, the requirement for handling multiple billing entities, and the demand for sophisticated WIP management, FYI Elite represents a new way to manage your practice.

Built upon FYI's advanced document management, process automation, and workflow capabilities, Elite is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and ensure practices are well-equipped for the demands of modern accounting.


    Time & Billing


    Employee Management

    Client Maintenance

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    Dive deeper into FYI Elite’s features with our concise 30-minute video below. You’ll gain insights into the benefits for your practice, followed by demonstrations of each of these features showcasing how these capabilities come to life within FYI.

    Success to date

    Since its debut in October, FYI Elite has undergone a rigorous beta phase, earning high praise from early adopters for its ability to simplify time & billing, offer real-time reporting and streamline employee management.

    Integrating FYI Elite into our operations has been great. What used to be a four-hour task for GST invoicing now takes just fifteen minutes, showcasing the system's power to streamline our workflows drastically. Beyond efficiency, Elite has given us unparalleled real-time control and insight into our practice's data for the first time in years, revolutionising our management capabilities. The transition was seamless, with our team quickly adapting to new processes like timesheets and invoicing with minimal fuss.
    The migration process with FYI was seamless. Our team has found timesheets and invoicing much easier with FYI Elite. It's hard to quantify the efficiencies gained at this early stage, but drafting invoices from FYI has definitely become more efficient.
    Our migration to Elite was excellently supported. Despite initial resistance, particularly with timesheet changes, the recent improvements have made a significant difference. The ability to manipulate data in Excel and refresh from FYI has provided tremendous flexibility, making reporting a huge feature for us.
    The migration was smooth and simple, and while the team is still adjusting to daily timesheets and a new invoicing system, the support from FYI has been invaluable. The key highlight for us has been the proactive support and timely action on feedback, which has made the transition smoother.
    Marc Proctor Director
    Bullot & Rankine
    Nathan Gilbody  Director
    Nathan Gilbody CA
    Steve Popham Practice Manager
    Dennis Curin & Associates
    Nicole Blanchard Assistant Manager
    TaxCentric Business Advisory

    Set up & migration

    As with everything we do at FYI, we have invested heavily into easy onboarding, therefore, transitioning from your current FYI plan to Elite is a simple and straightforward journey that won’t disrupt your day-to-day operations.

    Currently migration is only available for XPM practices, however, we are actively focusing on extending compatibility to ensure FYI Elite integrates seamlessly with a variety of practice management solutions.

    If you are a XPM practice switching to Elite can be completed in just about an hour, with an additional couple of hours dedicated to setting up key practice management essentials like User Rates, Productivity Targets, and Job Templates.

    Our process ensures a seamless integration of all your WIP data and unpaid invoices, and paid invoices from the past 18 months directly into FYI.

    By leveraging our user-friendly wizard, you’re empowered to manage the migration at a time that suits you, ensuring zero interruption to your team’s workflow.

      FYI Elite is designed for easy self-configuration within a few hours, removing the need for external support and allowing you to immediately take advantage of Elite's comprehensive features.


      Building on the solid foundation of our Pro plan, FYI Elite incorporates all existing Pro features and introduces a suite of significant new capabilities. With a price that is only 40% above Pro, we’re committed to making the transition as smooth as possible. That’s why, for a limited time we’re offering Elite at the price of the Pro plan for the first three months.  This allows you to fully experience the benefits of Elite without upfront financial pressure, ensuring you can make an informed decision about its value to your practice.

      Feedback from our clients highlights the exceptional return on investment that Elite offers, thanks to its improvements in practice management efficiency and productivity.

        Personalised onboarding

        For practices seeking tailored support, our assisted onboarding service is the perfect solution. Let us guide you through a customised setup process to ensure you make the most of FYI Elite.

        Request an Assisted Onboarding Proposal

        Elite FAQs

        What if I am not an FYI user?

        If my practice is using a different Practice Management system to Xero, can my data be migrated to FYI?

        If I switch to the Elite Plan, will I still need Xero Practice Manager?

        What impact will adopting FYI Elite have on my team?

        What does the implementation process involve, and what data gets migrated?

        Is training available for FYI Elite?

        Is there a trial Elite?

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