Automate low value, repetitive tasks

Save your practice countless hours by automating daily admin tasks and processes, freeing up time for work of higher value with this cloud accounting platform.

Sample processes to get the ball rolling

  • Get started today with a range of in-built sample processes designed to save you time.
  • Automate the retrieval of information from the ATO, Xero, BGL, NowInfinity and other sources.
  • AutoFile in FYI using consistent filing rules.
Sample processes are ready to go out of the box and customisable to your practice.

Import automations created by us and ready to go!

  • Choose from a growing library of automations created by the FYI team.
  • Auto-create emails, documents and tasks, update jobs, and more – for a range of processes used in accounting firms.
  • Example templates are ready to import with just a few clicks.
Simply import, customise to suit your practice, test and activate!

Create your own custom automations

  • Create your own automations across client services, marketing, admin or HR.
  • Apply to any repetitive, multi-step task practice wide.
  • Re-engineer processes to improve responsiveness and efficiency.
  • Empower teams to automate processes their way – limited only by their imagination!
Automate repetitive tasks, so you spend less time on admin.

Why start from scratch?

Check out our ready-to-activate automations for common processes.

Onboard a New Client
Auto-create documents, emails and internal tasks.
Quarterly Report Reminders 
Send a series of emails requesting information for quarterly reports. 
Establish a New Entity
Auto-create tasks and emails establishing a new entity for a client.
Overdue Task Reminder
Send your team a daily summary of overdue tasks.
Send a Bulk Email to All Clients
Send an email newsletter to your entire client base
Year End Compliance Job Kick Off
Auto-create documents and let your team knows it's ready to start.
Reminder to Contact a Client
Send a reminder to a Partner if a client has not been contacted in 90 days.
Client Signed Notification
Get notified when a signed client document has been auto-filed in FYI.
We use FYI automations in the background. As soon as a document is approved, the processes that our admin team follow are now fully automated.
The way we work has been transformed. FYI has challenged us to improve our processes and to work smarter.

Process Automation Features

Sample Processes
Choose from a range of Sample Processes – ready to go out-of-the-box.
Automation Import
Import from a growing library of automations created by the FYI team.
Custom Processes
Automate any repetitive, multi-step process unique to your practice.
Process Triggers
Schedule automations to run automatically or manually.
Process Filters
Create automations specific to clients, jobs, tasks or document types.
Process Steps
Customise your automations using the steps followed in your practice.
In-built Protections
Test before you deploy to make sure everything runs smoothly.
Process Checklist
Check the progress of each automation.
Process Activity
Keep an eye on changes made to automations in your practice.

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