Delegate and manage tasks with ease

Delegate and manage tasks effortlessly. Shared task lists make it easy to see who’s doing what. Use comments and notifications to take team collaboration to new heights of efficiency.

Quick and easy to delegate work

  • Create tasks that are automatically linked to an email, document, phone call or meeting note to provide valuable context.
  • More effective than forwarding emails and attachments internally – simply create a task linked to the email instead.
  • Create tasks for yourself to create your own to-do list.
You don’t have to leave the email or document you are working on to create or update a task.

Everyone knows the tasks at hand

  • Shared Task Lists give you a birds-eye-view of outstanding tasks by person, job, client – or even practice-wide.
  • Build ‘to-do’ lists so everyone can see their priorities and deadlines.
  • Use the Tasks Board to visualise to-do lists, update status, and spot bottlenecks.
  • Create custom task views for each person or team.
  • Task Categories are fully customisable, so you can manage workloads in a way that suits your practice.
It’s easy to plan and track workload across your practice.

Comments make team collaboration a breeze

  • Add comments to emails, documents, client phone call records and meeting notes – right where team communication makes the most sense.
  • More efficient than internal emails – simply add a comment to an email or document filed in FYI instead.
  • Add comments to Jobs for instant visibility of key info like job delays or status updates.
Reduce internal emails and maintain a ‘comment’ history for everyone to see.

Keep track of work with automatic notifications

  • Get notified in-app or by email when tasks are assigned or completed.
  • Send a regular summary of high priority or overdue tasks to yourself, or your team.
  • Know when process automations have run.
  • Notify one or many users of key events and tasks.
Keep everyone in the loop with FYI.
FYI’s task system is outstanding and has had a profound effect on limiting the number of emails we send as a business.
As a partner, I have full visibility of all the tasks happening across the business.

Task Management Features

Create Tasks
Add a task to an email or document, making it quick and easy to delegate work.
Custom Task Views
Monitor workload by individual, client, job, or practice-wide so nothing gets missed.
Tasks Board
Make is super-easy to visualise work, update status and spot bottlenecks.
Task Categories
Prioritise tasks and customise task lists to suit your practice.
Add comments to emails and documents to share with your team.
Get notified when tasks are assigned or completed, or when an automation has run.

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