Make your whole practice more responsive

Speed up document review and approval to improve your workflow and service clients faster.

Control document approvals and service quality

  • Know where an email or document is up to in your practice’s workflow.
  • Every document’s status is updated as it travels through your workflow cycle.
  • Documents cannot be edited or approved without appropriate permissions.
  • Once approved, edit rights are automatically restricted to avoid unauthorised changes.
Limit risk and ensure a high standard of client service.

Track progress and identify bottlenecks

  • Your whole team can see each document’s completion status.
  • Workflow Views allow you to track email and document workflow states across your entire practice.
It’s easy to see where a job is at – or where it may be stuck.

Send for client signature and auto-track the workflow

  • Integrate with your preferred digital signing app to automate the signature process.
  • Status of documents is automatically set as ‘pending client signature’.
  • Workflow status automatically tracks the client’s digital signature.
  • Once signed, documents can be filed automatically, and your team notified.
Easily view which documents have been signed and which are still outstanding.
The way we work has been transformed. FYI has challenged us to improve our processes and to work smarter.
We see huge benefits from using FYI for workflows and approval processes on documents.

Workflow Features

Scanned Signatures
Add your digital signature to a document with a single click.
Workflow Views
Track progress and identify bottlenecks in workflows.
User Specific Workflow Authority
Assign individual authority to approve client emails and documents.
Conditional Edit Rights
Once approved, edit rights on documents are restricted.
Workflow Status
Know where an email or document is up to in your workflow cycle.
AutoTrack Client Signature Workflow
See which documents have been signed, and which are still awaiting approval.

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