FYI + Adobe Sign

Use Adobe Sign to send documents from FYI for digital signing, making all your client approvals seamless.

Select documents in FYI and send for signing via Adobe Sign

Use the Signature button in FYI to collate your signing pack in an instant. Click Create and you’ll be taken directly to the envelope inside of Adobe Sign – no need to navigate to another app.

Use an FYI email template to save time

No need to manually type a message every time. Use an FYI template to save time and ensure consistent messaging.

Signed documents automatically imported back into FYI

What’s more, the original document in FYI will be updated with the signed copy, and the workflow status of the signed document automatically changes from ‘Pending Client Signature’ to ‘Client Signed’.

Easy to track document status

FYI views provide convenient tracking of every document out for signing and are available to your whole team. Create a custom automation in FYI to notify your team when signed documents have been received.

About AdobeSign

Transform and speed business workflows with the only e-signature tool that combines simple and secure e-signatures with the power of Adobe Acrobat.

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