FYI + Cimplico Workpapers

Seamlessly link files from FYI directly into your Cimplico Workpapers.

Connect your client group and entities

Map client entities in FYI to the entities in Cimplico Workpapers and establish automatic links.

Link a job to a workpaper

Map workpapers to jobs in FYI and link relevant files and documents directly to your workpapers in Cimplico.

Keep your supporting documents in one place

Import FYI documents directly inside your Cimplico Workpapers and keep relevant supporting documents in one place.

Easy access from your workpapers

Launch a file directly within FYI and sync changes to keep workpapers up to date.

About Cimplico Workpapers

Connect Cimplico Workpapers to FYI and streamline the preparation, review, and approval of accounting workpapers.

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