FYI + FuseSign

Send documents to your clients for digital signatures and FYI will handle the workflows seamlessly.

Select documents in FYI and send for signing via FuseSign

Use the Signature button in FYI to quickly collate your signing pack, and send instantly or be taken to the draft envelope inside of FuseSign.

Use an FYI email template to save time

No need to manually type a message every time. Use an FYI template to save time and ensure consistent messaging.

Send to your client from FYI

Send PDFs using FuseSign’s ‘Sign Entire Document’ mode, removing the need for placeholders, to save you time! 

Signed documents are automatically imported into FYI

What’s more, the original document in FYI will be updated with the signed copy, and the workflow status of the document automatically changes from ‘Pending Client Signature’ to ‘Client Signed’.

Automatic notifications

Create a custom automation in FYI to notify your team when signed documents have been received.  

About FuseSign

FuseSign is a digital signature platform like no other. Made by accountants and purpose-built for accountants, it is an affordable and feature-rich solution with a superior client experience.

Intuitive and easy to use, you can send multiple documents to multiple recipients and have them signed and returned to you within minutes, all for the price of a stamp. FuseSign's high-security protocols include a complete audit trail and authentication, making it legally binding for a wide range of signature requirements. Designed, built and hosted in Australia, your data is always secure, with a friendly Helpdesk team located at FuseSign HQ in Brisbane.
“FYI and FuseSign are a powerhouse together! Both have been built for the accounting industry, and we have confidence in their feature roadmaps and focus on integration partners. Simple yet powerful, this integration makes for an amazing internal workflow and enhanced client experience. ”

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