FYI + myprosperity

The seamless integration between FYI and myprosperity makes it easy to work together with your clients and key stakeholders.

Digital Signing

Invite your clients to sign documents within myprosperity. Once signed, they will be automatically imported into FYI and threaded with the original documents.

Document Exchange

Send documents to clients securely or receive them via upload using the myprosperity portal. Uploaded documents will be automatically imported into FYI and you can be notified using an automation process.

About MyProsperity

myprosperity is a sophisticated client portal that allows practices, their clients and key stakeholders to work together easily, maximising efficiencies and scaling their level of engagement.

Bring everything together in one digital solution, give your clients the seamless digital experience they expect, and advance your firm with a mobile-first strategy.
FYI’s integration with myprosperity means document sharing and connection with our clients is faster and far greater than it has ever been.

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