FYI + Notud

Automatically import handwritten notes from Notud and file them in FYI.

Write notes and save them directly into FYI

When saving notes in Notud, send them to a specific client in FYI at the click of a button.

Save time with your notes in the cloud

Capturing notes during client meetings? With Notud and FYI, quickly and easily file your notes to your clients workspace for complete visibility.

Notes are automatically matched to clients in FYI

For practices using XPM, when sending Notud notes to FYI, the client is pre-populated to make filing even easier.

Action your notes

Notes are filed in FYI as PDF documents. Using FYI’s productivity tools, create tasks or add comments to Notud documents, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

About Notud

Create notes in Notud and import into FYI in a single click.

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