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Released 30 November 2023

FYI Product Update | November 2023

  • “Custom” time Relative Date filter
  • Default Active status for new users
  • FYI Desktop App improvements
  • Final sync of Custom Fields after jobs completed in Xero Practice Manager
  • Automation improvements
Released 31 October 2023

FYI Product Update | October 2023

New this month within FYI…..

  • New “Getting Started with Automations” Learn Course
  • File local PDFs using FYI Brower Extension
  • Document “Template Names” and “Name” fields
  • Greater control over Practice Sync Integrations
  • Preview Office via OneDrive toggle
Released 30 September 2023

FYI Product Update | September 2023

New this month within FYI…..

  • New Relative Date Filter
  • Email Editor Half Size Fonts
  • IRIS Job Synchronisation
  • Xero Practice Manager Sync Auto-Retry
  • Time Exported in Decimal format
  • APS Sync Enhancements
Released 01 September 2023

Announcing the release of New Collaborate

We’re excited to announce the highly anticipated release of New Collaborate, the new way to securely share documents with your clients.

What does this mean for FYI users? 

New Collaborate allows practices to build their own dedicated Client Portal, with clients given access to their own unique folder for sharing documents.

  • Customisable site
  • Branding
  • Easy setup
  • Secure access
  • Efficient
  • Co-edit documents
  • Status Screen
Released 31 August 2023

FYI Product Update | August 2023

New this month within FYI…..

  • New Collaborate 
  • Content Snare integration
  • Xero Practice Manager Rate Limiting 
  • Redesigned Practice Settings Menu 
  • New Relative Date Filters
  • Custom Merge Fields Prefix
Released 10 August 2023

Announcing new integration with Content Snare

FYI now integrates with Content Snare, the content and document collection system, providing an easy way to onboard clients, collect documents and get answers, without the endless back and forth.

What does this mean for FYI users?

Using the integration with Content Snare, you can create a web link in FYI for any requests published in Content Snare. Easy configuration options allow users to configure when files should be sent to FYI, for example, when clients upload files. FYI Cabinets and categories are available to select from in Content Snare, making it easy to automatically file requests sent to FYI.

Released 31 July 2023

FYI Product Update | July 2023

New this month within FYI…..

  • New Open Template links and right-click Toolbars
  • New Relative Date Filters for “Last Month” and “This Month”
  • Cloudoffis Integration
  • Filter Documents by Edit Status
  • New View “Available For” configuration
Released 06 July 2023

Announcing new integration with Cloudoffis (ANZ)

FYI now integrates with Cloudoffis, offering Saas-based solutions to Accountants and Auditors, helping with their SMSF processes.

What does this mean for FYI users?

  • Import documents from FYI into Sorted.
  • Import Workpapers from Sorted into FYI.
  • Select a default Cabinet for efficient filing (optional).
  • Select a Cabinet at the time of importing files (optional).
  • Easily search for documents based on Client, Year and Cabinet.


Released 30 June 2023

FYI Product Update | June 2023

New this month within FYI…..

  • Integrations with My Workpapers & Cimplico Workpapers
  • Send for signature automation
  • Share No Email to share documents without email notifications
  • Delete the Latest Document Only from Threads
  • New “Managing Jobs & Recording Time” Learn Course
Released 26 June 2023

Announcing new integration with My Workpapers

FYI now integrates with My Workpapers, a leading cloud-based workpapers platform for accountants and auditors.

What does this mean for FYI users?

  • Quickly import documents from FYI to engagement files within My Workpapers.
  • Easily search by Client Name, Cabinet, and/or Year, making it fast and simple to find files in FYI.