2022: Our Year in Numbers

Posted on 14 December 2022

2022 was the year to determine what our new normal would be, after the lockdowns over the last 2 years it was time to get back out there and figure out how to move on, rebuild and, of course, live with Covid-19. The new normal has presented its own challenges across the globe for businesses, families, and institutions, but there is a real sense of hope heading into 2023 as we take our learnings and refocus on a new and better way to move forward together.

Accountants have continued to deal with an array of challenges that “the new normal” presents, continuing to go to extra-ordinary lengths to support their clients (and each other) through changing circumstances. It is a community we’re truly humbled to serve and be a part of, and we continue to be driven by your dedication to develop ground-breaking tools to give you the gift of time wherever possible.

Next year, we’ll be entering our fifth year of serving this community, and we couldn’t have done it without everyone that’s been involved in our journey to date. As a young company we’ve been fortunate enough with everyone’s support to experience phenomenal growth in the last two years, and we’re very excited to see what next year brings, not to mention we’re excited to get out there and continue to meet you all in person!

As the year is draws to a close, we wanted to mark the occasion by reflecting on what we’ve achieved as we continue to grow and move forward as a team, company and community – all in numbers (of course)!

Looking back on the year, there have been many highlights:

  • Launching Learn our new eLearning Platform, making it super easy to learn the fundamentals and features of FYI in your own time.
  • Custom Task Categories so can customise the management of your practices’ tasks as well as the highly anticipated launch of the Task Board View
  • Launching Workflow Jobs, allowing for visibility and enhanced job management across the team on your Xero Practice Manager Tasks
  • Major enhancements to List functionality, enabling richer insights and enhanced functionality
  • Continued refinement to Email AutoFile, providing even more flexibility and security to ensure all client correspondence is captured and filed automatically
  • Launching the ability to record and send videos to the support team for accurate troubleshooting and expeditated resolutions for our clients
  • Continuing to help practices automate repetitive processes, so they can work efficiently and manage the huge influx of work required by expanding our Automations library with common processes.
  • New integrations with PDFit and MS Teams
  • Welcoming new implementation partners including Puzzle Solutions and NowOnline
  • Our own team has doubled – all driven to create and support a world-class product that’s the leading cloud document management and automation engine for accountants, globally.

On behalf of the FYI Team, we thank every single one of our users, app partners, implementation partners and industry colleagues for being part of our journey this year. If FYI has played even a small part in making your work life easier, we are happy.

The FYI Team are looking forward to having a well-earned break before we re-focus on the new year, as we are sure the rest of our community is! We wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday period and we look forward to seeing you all again in the new year. We are very excited to see what 2023 will bring!

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