FYI Showcase | July 2023

Run Time:   30 mins


Session 1 – Monday 3rd July 12:30PM AEST

Session 2 – Tuesday 4th July 12:30PM AEST

Session 3 – Wednesday 5th July 12:30PM AEST

Session 4 – Thursday 6th July 12:30PM AEST

Session 5 – Friday 7th July 12:30PM AEST


Our very first Showcase event coming to you July 2023!

For the first week of July, we’ll take a look in turn at each of our key feature sets. We’ll be providing best practice guidance on each of these features and how to leverage them with your team. This series will help you and your team take productivity to the next level, recover more time and concentrate on work that adds more value. But don’t just take our word for it, you’ll also hear from practices just like yours with our client panel at the end of the showcase series!

Showcase Agenda:

  • Session 1:  Managing Emails
    Explore how you can save up to 21 minutes per day with your email management. In the first session of the Showcase, we’ll take you through our best practice for creating, sending, filing and managing your emails to get you #lightspeed with your inbox.
  • Session 2:  Working with Documents
    Check out our time saving digital document management processes. Find out how you can create standard documents at #lightspeed and maintain full document history so nothing gets lost, use powerful search tools to sort, filter and access information fast, and work better with documents as a team. With processes like these working with documents has never been so easy.
  • Session 3:  Managing Jobs & Recording Time
    Welcome to simplified job management. Explore how you can visualise your work, update job states in just a few clicks, and monitor time spent versus budget and job progress, you’ll know where every job stands across your entire team.  We’ll take your through best practice for working with jobs and share tips and tricks along the way so that you can get #maximumefficiency for your job management.
  • Session 4:  Build your App Stack
    Come along to see how you can connect FYI to industry-leading platforms to automate data capture, sync your clients, client groups, jobs and team info for one source of truth practice-wide. We’ll take you through some key apps and how you can integrate to digitalise your client signature process.
  • Session 5:  Hear from Practices like yours
    Wrapping up our very first Showcase, a very special Client Panel. We don’t want you to take our word for it so we’ve brought along some practices like yours to share their favourite features and how they’re maximising value from FYI.

If you can’t make the live events, register to receive the resources post-event including the webinar recordings.

Cassie Kaddatz

Head of Client Success

Having worked in the accounting industry for more than 16 years, Cassie has a deep understanding of the requirements for practice success. She now works across FYI’s Client Success and Product teams to ensure our clients are benefiting from the platform’s many features to save time, improve efficiencies and get maximum ROI.

Phil Catania

Client Success Consultant

Phil has worked for multiple accounting software providers and has over 7 years of experience in Onboarding roles. He loves when a practice can see the benefits FYI can bring and ask themselves why they didn’t make the change sooner. Phil manages the onboarding of new FYI practices, guiding them through the onboarding journey and putting them onto the path to success. 

Robyn Cowe

Client Success Consultant

Robyn was in practice for almost a decade, in an Administration and Systems role. In that time, she had valuable experience in implementing a range of accounting systems, ensuring efficiency was created across various accounting processes. Now, with that knowledge, Robyn manages the onboarding of new FYI practices, assisting them on their journey to ensure they see early and ongoing returns in their investment in FYI.

Anna Cochrane

Client Success Consultant

Anna has been in the Accounting Software industry for over ten years across key Accounting software companies. She has a passion for seeing time saved and loves seeing firms embrace technology that will create efficiencies for both the team and clients. Anna manages new FYI practices, assisting them in their onboarding and ensuring they start on the path to building these efficiencies through FYI.

Andrina Atkins

Client Success Consultant

Andrina is a Chartered Accountant with over two decades of experience in the accounting industry, both working in practice (including Big Four) and working in accounting software. Andrina now works in our Client Success team, she loves spending time with clients to truly understand their pain points and provides advice and solutions to help our clients leverage the full potential of FYI for their practice and team.

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