Product Update | June 2023

Run Time:   45 minutes

Our latest product update covers some of our newest features, a spotlight on NEW Collaborate, and a look at our product roadmap to see what’s on the horizon. This 45-minute session covers some of our newest features including enhanced Practice Activity for easier troubleshooting, automation and integration enhancements and a deep dive on NEW Collaborate, your new client portal.

For those short on time, you can read the recap here.


CEO & Co-Founder

Rob is a Chartered Accountant with experience working in suburban practices, and larger firms. He also spent five years at MYOB where he led the global product strategy for accountants. FYI is the fourth generation of a product concept Rob has been working on in his 20+ years developing document management solutions for accountants.


Accounting Practice Specialist

Dylan has almost 2 decades of experience in the accounting industry. He has extensive experience helping practices implement change and optimize processes to ensure efficiency and drive ROI. Dylan works with our engineering team to develop and deliver product features that help our practices continue to benefit from the FYI platform and future proof their business. 

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