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Share documents and folders securely

Share documents and folders effortlessly from FYI to external users via a dedicated SharePoint ‘Collaborate’ Site.

  • Automatically file uploaded documents in FYI for easy team access.
  • Easily track and manage shared folders and access permission with just one click.
  • Instant Notifications when documents are uploaded.
  • Choice of authentication methods such as Google and Multifactor Authentication.

Real-time collaboration

Work together in real-time without version control headaches.

  • Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations simultaneously.
  • Eliminate back-and-forth file exchange, saving time and effort.
  • Instantly view changes made by clients, contacts, and team members.
  • Version updates automatically synced back to FYI.
Great for working simultaneously on workpapers and ITR checklists!

Easy setup

Prepare for seamless document sharing with clients.

  • Easily create new sites through FYI's user-friendly wizard, saving time and effort.
  • Get started quickly with standard templates or customise to match practice branding.
  • Single access link for all client associated folders and documents.
  • Status check feature to identify potential issues and assist in resolving.

Streamline workflows

Combine Collaborate with FYI’s powerful automations to further enhance your workflow.

  • Effortlessly onboard your client by automatically creating a dedicated client folder.
  • Automatically add standard documents to the client folder in co-edit mode and email your client with a request to complete.
  • Notify your team when a file has been uploaded by a client.
Having a secure space that clients can drop documents into is fantastic and far more secure than email, so it provides clients with peace of mind.

Collaborate Features

Effortless sharing
Securely share documents and folders with clients.
Collaborative editing
Collaborate seamlessly with team and clients in real-time.
Client uploads
Clients can easily drag and drop documents into their Collaborate portal for automatic filing in FYI.
Unified access link
Simplify sharing by providing one access link to all folders and documents associated with the client.
Enhanced security
Choose authentication methods, receive notifications and manage access easily.
Customisation options
Use standard templates or customise to your practice's branding.

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