Manage work with maximum efficiency

Welcome to new ways to recover more time – and concentrate on work that adds real value.

Manage tasks with ease

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Create tasks on the fly

For immediate context, tasks are linked to an associated email, document, phone call or meeting note.

Manage your own to-do list

Easy to see what’s on your to-do list. And to make sure high priority tasks don’t get missed.

Complete Jobs more efficiently

Each team can see the tasks outstanding on a Job.

Visualise priorities by client

With the ability to view tasks and priorities by client, you can make sure nothing gets missed.

Visualise priorities by practice

A snapshot of workload and progress gives you a birds eye view of all work across the practice.

Re-think your approach to internal emails

  • It’s super easy to delegate a task linked to an email in FYI – without even leaving Outlook.
  • Or add a comment to an email or attached docs to share with your team.
  • So much more efficient than forwarding emails internally and keeping track of attachments!

Accelerate workflows

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Speed up document approvals

Review and approve documents quickly and efficiently.

Automate the client signature process 

Auto-update document status in FYI and auto-file signed documents - making sure your team is notified.

Make your whole practice more efficient and responsive 

The status of every document is there for the whole team to see, making it easy to track progress and identify bottlenecks.

Work with Xero Practice Manager Jobs in FYI

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Sync with Xero Practice Manager Jobs

Automatic two-way sync with Xero Practice Manager means you can maintain jobs from within FYI.

Know where every job stands, across your entire team

Every email, document and task related to each job can be accessed from the Job workspace.

Monitor Job progress

View jobs by Partner or Manager, keep track of time spent vs budget and add comments to share with your team.

Manage jobs the super-easy way

Kanban-style job board makes it easy to update jobs and see where bottlenecks might be arising.

Take the pain out of time recording

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Record time accurately

Select any email, document, phone call record or meeting note to record time in bulk.

Save at least 15 mins per day

Relevant info pre-populates for you – so you can complete time sheets in just a few clicks, with all info syncing back to Xero Practice Manager.

Explore more ways FYI can re-engineer your practice

Manage your documents

With more ways to enhance your productivity than any other platform.

Automate your practice

Automate repetitive tasks and make every second count for more.

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