Automate the creation and
filing of documents

Imagine how productive you'll be when you can create, edit and file documents – all at light speed.

Take practice visibility to the next level

  • Store emails, documents, meeting records, phone calls and file notes in a single client-centric database.
  • Apply structured filing rules by Client, Cabinet, Job and more.
  • Practice templates, policies and procedures all stored in knowledge cabinets and easily accessed by your team.
  • Import and file documents in multiple ways - drag & drop, bulk import or save directly from Office.
Powerful search and retrieval tools make relevant information accessible in an instant.

Get hyper-productive in Office

  • Create, edit and file documents seamlessly – on your desktop or in your browser.
  • Access the FYI app from within Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
  • File a document, create a task, or initiate a workflow without leaving the document you’re working on.
  • Add comments to documents to share with your team.

Auto-create standard documents in seconds

  • Seamless access to practice stationery and templates makes document creation quick and easy.
  • Each document will be auto-filed when created, making it easy to apply practice-wide filing rules.
  • Merge client data from your practice management system to save time.
Use templates for consistency and speed.

Eliminate document double-ups and track document history

  • Maintain the integrity of each document by ensuring that two users can never make simultaneous edits.
  • Manually check documents back in – with protections in place.
  • Document activity is automatically recorded for a full audit trail.
  • Easy to restore previous versions if needed.
Avoid loss of work, duplication errors and document conflicts.

Link, view and share docs faster

  • Preview emails and documents without the need to open or export.
  • Insert links into documents at speed.
  • Staple related documents together for quick access.
  • Share multiple documents with external users in an instant.
Save time with single mouse clicks for a range of powerful document actions.
FYI has been a huge boon for our practice given the challenges around COVID. We are comfortably able to send the majority of our staff to work from home thanks to your great software.

Document Management Features

Centralised storage of all document types
Store your documents in a single client-centric database in the cloud.
Knowledge Cabinets
Store practice templates, policies and procedures so they are easily accessed by your team.
Access FYI without leaving Office
Access FYI without leaving the document you are working on in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
Document Templates
Create standard documents in seconds using practice templates.
Create Documents Wizard
Create documents that are automatically filed in FYI.
Document Activity
Automatic maintenance of activity on every document.
Seamless Check-in/Check-out to edit documents
Ensure multiple users can never make simultaneous edits to a document.
Multiple Filing Options
File documents in FYI using Drag & Drop, Bulk Import or Save from Office.
Powerful Document Actions
Single mouse clicks to preview documents, create doc links, share documents and more.

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