Manage jobs and record time the easy way

Add comments or tasks to a job, file documents, or record time – all without having to leave FYI.

Track all work in one single view

Make it super-easy to visualise work, update job states, and spot bottlenecks

  • A highly visual way to view work and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Customise which job states to include, and the order in which they’re displayed.
  • Simply drag and drop between states to update the Jobs List.
  • Filter to display jobs by Partner or Manager.
Kanban-style Jobs Boards make it easy to manage your work.

Track time spent via the Jobs List

  • Monitor time spent versus budget and job progress for your team using the Jobs List.
  • View the state of Xero Practice Manager jobs and estimated versus actual time spent.
  • Search and filter jobs by manager or partner.
  • Add comments to jobs to share with your team.
See time spent by Job at a glance.

Make multi-tasking a breeze with a single workspace for each job

  • Work from a dedicated Job Workspace listing every email, document and task related to the job, including a summary of XPM data.
  • Jump seamlessly from group to client, to job, and then back again for quick access to additional insights across the client group.
The info you need is always easily accessible.

Take the pain out of time sheets

  • Select any document in FYI to create a time sheet record.
  • Or view ‘My Recent Documents’ for a handy record of recent emails, documents and client interactions. Select one and record your time – it’s that easy!
  • Relevant info pre-populates for total ease and speed.
  • Complete in just a few clicks – and sync to Xero Practice Manager.
Save an estimated 15 minutes per user per day.
FYI’s jobs board will completely transform the way we manage our workflow, reports and meetings. It’s a real game-changer!

Job Management Features

Two-way sync with Xero Practice Manager Jobs
Update jobs automatically or in bulk and sync with Xero Practice Manager.
Document Filing by Job
File emails and documents to a Xero Practice Manager job for easy access.
Jobs List
Keep track of time spent versus budget and monitor job progress for your team.
Jobs Workspace
List every email, document and task related to a job.
Jobs Board
Make it super-easy to visualise work, update job states and spot bottlenecks.
Timesheets into Xero Practice Manager
Complete time sheets in just a few clicks – synced to Xero Practice Manager.

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