A digital office – reimagined
for the perfect practice

Built by accounts for accountants, FYI offers more ways to enhance your productivity than any other platform.

One place for your team to work together – from anywhere

  • Store every email and document in a single client-centric database in the cloud, accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Everything is stored using consistent filing rules and organised by job.
  • Practice documents, templates, policies and procedures are easy for your team to access.
  • Every email between clients and your team is stored centrally – not locked away in individual inboxes.
Stay productive and collaborative wherever you are.

FYI was born in the cloud with enterprise-grade security.  Rest assured that your documents have the highest levels of protection.

Store documents your way. FYI filing cabinets are completely configurable and client security controls restrict access to sensitive information.

A dedicated workspace for every client

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Work efficiently with your team

Work from a dedicated workspace for each client, with client details, emails, documents, jobs, and tasks in one shared place for your team.

Maintain a complete client file

Keep everyone up to date with meetings, phone call records, and file notes always on hand.

The right information always accessible

Documents are automatically captured from external sources and auto-filed in FYI for instant accessibility.

Locate information in seconds

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Retrieve client documents efficiently

Navigate seamlessly between Group, Client and Job workspaces for faster document retrieval.

Save time with documents views

Configure document views your way to put specific sets of documents at your fingertips.

Search, filter and sort to find what you need

Find every related document in an instant. You can even locate documents in cabinets the same way you do in Windows Explorer folders.

Unlock your inbox, with relevant emails automatically added to the client file.

Forget wading through your inbox to manually file or forward emails internally. Let FYI auto-file client emails as soon as they hit your inbox, making them – and any attached documents - immediately accessible to your team. Once filed, emails in a thread are automatically linked in FYI, making it easy to keep your team up to date.

    Working with documents has never been so easy

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    Get hyper-productive in Office

    Access FYI without leaving the document you are working on. Initiate an internal workflow, record time or add comments or tasks to documents.

    Create standard emails and documents at light speed

    Templates make it quick and easy to create standard emails and documents and file them consistently.

    Avoid document conflicts and track activity

    Seamlessly check documents in and out of FYI for editing to avoid losing work. Maintain a document history so nothing gets lost.

    Single mouse-clicks for a range of actions

    Preview emails and documents, link, staple and share - faster.

    New ways to collaborate

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    Co-edit documents with your team

    Save time by collaborating on documents using real-time co-editing tools.

    Add comments for everyone to see

    More efficient than internal emails. Creates a ‘comment history’ that’s always accessible.

    Co-edit documents with your clients

    Access new information ‘live’ via a document saved in FYI - a more efficient way to gather and share information.

    Share documents and folders securely

    Share documents securely without the need to remember another username and password.

    And receive documents from clients efficiently

    Clients can upload docs to share folders securely, and they’ll be auto-filed in FYI.

    Explore more ways FYI can re-engineer your practice

    Manage your work

    More ways to recover more time — and concentrate on work that adds more value.

    Automate your practice 

    Automate repetitive tasks and make every second count for more.

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