Find whatever you need
in a flash

Instantly locate any email, document or client interaction,
all in one platform.

Configure Filing Cabinets to suit your practice

  • Store client and non-client documents in a way that reflects the division of operations in your practice.
  • Control access rights to sensitive documents with Cabinet Security.
  • Users only see documents filed in cabinets that they can access.
Speed up document retrieval practice-wide and keep sensitive documents secure.

Access information, fast – every time

  • Navigate seamlessly between group, client and job workspaces.
  • Mark documents you use frequently for easy access.
Everything you need, at your fingertips.

Retrieve documents, in an instant

  • Use powerful search tools, sorting, filtering and tags to find anything you have permission to access.
  • Filter and sort the database to retrieve a precise list of documents – even in large document stores.
  • Use the Filter Drawer to locate documents in cabinets the same way you do in Windows Explorer folders.

Customise how documents are displayed

  • Use Standard Views such as Recent, Archived or Emails Received to put specific documents at your fingertips.
  • Create custom views unique to your practice by saving any search criteria, column order and filter on any list.
  • Share view options with users across your practice.
Display documents based on your specific practice needs
One of the biggest frustrations we have is people not finding procedures easily and filing documents in different places. FYI's structured filing system solves these problems perfectly.

Search and Retrieval Features

Configurable Filing Cabinets
Store client and practice documents in a way that reflects your unique requirements.
Cabinet Security
Protect sensitive documents and allow control access rights to cabinets.
Dynamic Search
Navigate seamlessly between Group, Client and Job to locate documents in an instant.
Meta Data and Full Text Search
Use powerful search tools, sorting, filtering and tags to retrieve information in seconds.
Document Views
Use standard and customised views to put specific sets of documents at your fingertips.
Starred Documents
Mark documents you use frequently for easy access.

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