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Released 05 August 2021

New integration with AccountKit

FYI now integrates with AccountKit to make cloud-based practices more efficient and give you insights to start bigger conversations with your clients.

Import and file AccountKit reports into FYI with ease, link documents in FYI to AccountKit tools, and jump straight from AccountKit to the same client in FYI with a single click. The integration works out of the box, matching clients between the two apps, and applying security and permissions – and even allows you to browse documents by Client Group in AccountKit.

Released 20 January 2021

New Templates and Stationery

Our new Templates, Stationery and Signatures are easier to use and packed with additional functionality such as built-in autofiling defaults and other enhanced features to deliver time-savings across your team.

Enhanced features include:

  • Versioning – allowing easy roll-back if required
  • Search – powerful search including filtering, sorting and custom views
  • Views – standard views to easily isolate active vs draft vs archived templates
  • Activity – automatic audit trail for any changes to templates
  • Preview – across all template document types
  • Comments – to assist collaboration around templates
Released 13 January 2021

New integration with digital signing solution FuseSign

FYI now integrates seamlessly with FuseSign, a digital signing solution built by accountants, for accountants – just like FYI!

FuseSign provides greater control over who signs, views or has limited access to each document, making it fantastic for handling a whole family group in one bundle.

Clients receive just one link, don’t need to remember username and passwords, and can access from any device.

Released 30 November 2020

Introducing our new ‘kanban’ style Jobs Board

We are very excited to announce a new ‘kanban’ style board for your Jobs Lists in FYI, making it super-easy to visualise work, update job states and see where bottlenecks might be arising across the practice.

  • A more visual way to view your work – alternative to the standard Jobs List view.
  • ‘Drag and drop’ between job states to easily maintain an up to date Jobs List
  • View the total count of Jobs at each state to identify any bottlenecks across the practice
  • Applies to lists of My Jobs, Client Jobs and Practice Jobs.
  • Filter to display Jobs by Partner or Manager.
  • Customise the Job Board for your practice – select which Job States to include and the order in which they are displayed.
Released 15 November 2020

Take the pain out of time recording

Our new timesheet feature allows you to automatically record XPM time, within FYI.

  • Select any document in FYI to open the drawer and create a timesheet record
  • Relevant information will be pre-populated – making the process quick and easy
  • View total hours recorded on any individual day or access more detail, as required
  • View ‘My Recent Documents’ for a handy record of recent emails, documents and client interactions
  • Select one and record your time – It’s that easy

We estimate that this exciting new feature will deliver a time saving of 15 minutes or more per user, per day!

Released 15 November 2020

Collaborate with your team on email drafts

With these new improvements, you can easily collaborate with your team on email drafts prior to sending them.

  • Draft emails can be reviewed, edited and approved by another user before sending
  • Drafts can be sent to an ‘FYI – Drafts’ folder in Outlook – to access additional functionality like ‘flagging’ or ‘marking as read’
  • This improvement makes it easy for teams to work together
  • Ensures only the best quality emails are sent to clients
Released 15 November 2020

Find what you need in a flash with our powerful search and retrieval

Finding emails and documents has never been easier with these improvements.

  • Full text search on emails – simply turn on ‘search email contents’ and any text you type into the search field will search for that word in both emails and documents stored in FYI
  • New document views – simply click the view drop-down menu when searching and pick your favourite view
  • Select from our best-practice defaults or create your own custom views
  • Locate and link documents within Excel, using the FYI drawer
  • Makes the process of attaching supporting workpapers to a spreadsheet super simple
Released 15 November 2020

Multi-tasking is a synch with new dedicated workspaces for each client

Seamlessly traverse from group to client, to job, and then back again, to assist with the constant switching in contexts required throughout your day.

  • Ensures the info you need is always easily accessible
  • Provides additional insights across the client group
  • Makes multi-tasking a breeze
Released 30 August 2020

New Integrations with BGL and NowInfinity mean even more productivity

Expand the range of processes you automate practice-wide, with our growing list of industry-leading partner app integrations.

  • New integrations with BGL and NowInfinity
  • Facilitate automatic daily import and filing of new documents within your client files in FYI
  • Your FYI administer can activate your connection to these apps – and configure the settings for your practice
Released 30 August 2020

Easily keep tabs on annual reviews with our new corporate affairs tab

The new dedicated tab for corporate affairs within the client workspace means you can get a snapshot of the lodgement status of ASIC annual reviews, with a single click.

  • New dedicated tab for corporate affairs in the client workspace
  • Easily assess if annual review fees have been signed or paid
  • Access to specific documents within BGL or NowInfinity.