Automate your Bookkeeping

Run Time:   30 mins


Thursday 20th April 12:30pm AEST

Run Time:

30 minutes


With our automation tools you could be saving 2+ hours per job! In this 30-minute workshop you can learn how to automate your bookkeeping tasks, delegate, and manage work as well as handy tips and tricks, and sample automations – ready for you to upload and customise to suit your practice.

In this session, we will cover:

  • Creating & Using Task Templates
    Leverage our new Task Templates to quickly create to-do’s for your team. We’ll show you how to create and use Tasks, as well as handy tips to setup views and use Jobs to segment your Task list so you can focus on what you need to.
  • Using Jobs, Tasks & Automations
    Use your Jobs to automate the deployment of FYI Tasks for your team so nothing is missed! We’ll show you how to automate your Payroll & GST processes and some other cool functions to minimise your admin time on the job.

This series is designed to help you leverage FYI’s automation engine and #automate repetitive work for your practice.

If you cannot make the live event, register to receive the resources post-event including the webinar recording.

Robyn Cowe

Client Success Consultant

Robyn was in practice for almost a decade, in an Administration and Systems role. In that time, she had valuable experience in implementing a range of accounting systems, ensuring efficiency was created across various accounting processes. Now, with that knowledge, Robyn manages the onboarding of new FYI practices, assisting them on their journey to ensure they see early and ongoing returns in their investment in FYI.

Anna Cochrane

Client Success Consultant

Anna has been in the Accounting Software industry for over ten years across key Accounting software companies. She has a passion for seeing time saved and loves seeing firms embrace technology that will create efficiencies for both the team and clients. Anna manages new FYI practices, assisting them in their onboarding and ensuring they start on the path to building these efficiencies through FYI.

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