Moving to the cloud, made easy

Changing your document management system may seem like a difficult undertaking – but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve automated the steps to get you live as soon as possible, with proven results.
000 million
documents migrated
practices onboarded
users trained

Onboarding re-imagined, so it works for you!

Our simple assisted onboarding process makes it easy to transition to FYI.
We will work with you to ensure a smooth onboarding experience, so your practice doesn’t miss a beat.
Go Live in as little as four weeks.
No downtime for your team.
Fast pay-back. Hit the ground running.

Ensure a smooth transition to FYI

We provide expert assistance to help you migrate your data, configure FYI and train your people. Be guided by our experienced onboarding team.
1 Migrate documents with historical filing details
2 Set up and configure FYI to suit your practice
3 eLearning courses and a live Q&A session to educate your team
Our Onboarding Guide covers everything you need to know

Our Services

Our Assisted Onboarding services can be scaled to match the size of your firm and the complexity of your data migration and project management needs.


Our experts will oversee the migration of your documents, with flexible filing options and a comprehensive audit built into the process.


We provide expert assistance to practices of all sizes to help you migrate your documents, configure FYI and train your team.


We provide email support with industry-leading results, and access to a comprehensive knowledge base.