Product Update | June 2022

Run Time:   54 mins

Our latest product update introduces some exciting new features, with a spotlight on workflow jobs, new sample automation, new integrations, learning resources, and a look at our product roadmap to see what’s on the horizon.

Highlights include:

  • What’s New – new practice styling for emails, new sample automations, new lists, and our new integration with PDFit.
  • Workflow Jobs – are FYI’s new Workflow Jobs right for your practice? How to prepare and enable this feature, and how to use Workflow Jobs in your team.
  • Coming Soon – New features: Reporting and Capacity Planning, Collaborate 2.0, and Client Maintenance. New integrations with Microsoft Teams and Zapier. New Learning resources to help train FYI users.

For those short on time, you can read a recap on the blog.


CEO and Co-Founder

Rob is a Chartered Accountant with experience working in suburban practices, and larger firms. He also spent five years at MYOB where he led the global product strategy for accountants. FYI is the fourth generation of a product concept Rob has been working on in his 20+ years developing document management solutions for accountants.


Head of Client Success

Having worked in the accounting industry for more than 16 years, Cassie has a deep understanding of the requirements for practice success. She now works across FYI’s Client Success and Product teams to ensure our clients are benefiting from the platform’s many features to save time, improve efficiencies and get maximum ROI.