We’re FYI and we’re on a mission

Posted on 31 October 2018

While accountants may have an image as a conservative bunch, they have always been one of the first to embrace new technology. Whether it was investing in a PC for every team member back in the 80’s or more recently migrating their business to the cloud, accountants are always up for trying new tech.

Accountants have been telling us that recent innovations such as the ‘single-ledger’ delivered by the likes Xero have made a massive change to the way they work and overall productivity. However, one area that hasn’t had ‘big leap forward’ is document management (DM). While nearly every other practice app is in the cloud, many practices are still dealing with DM systems that require a server. Or if they have moved to the cloud, they are simply storing documents in a system that is not much smarter than Windows Explorer.

The result is that the majority of accountants that we speak to say that between 50 to 60% of the time spent on compliance jobs is wasted simply managing, collating, curating and linking client documents together. So much for the paperless office making life easier.

Accountants spend 60% of their time managing documents and client relationships. We’re on a mission to make this a whole lot easier!

Halve the time it takes to complete a compliance job!

At FYI we think we can do better. A lot better. We believe that a cloud document management platform designed to integrate with other apps and process automation ultimately we will be able to halve the time to complete a compliance jobs.

As such, we have built an online solution specifically for accountants that merges both document management with CRM.

  • As information comes into the practice – email, scanned mail, source documents, meeting invites, ATO correspondence, whatever – it is intelligently filed and placed in the responsible accountants digital ‘In Tray’ no matter where they are the world.
  • Every document is automatically tagged with information such as work type and year, making retrieval logical and fast. Want to change from a client view to a family group – one click. Try doing that in Windows Explorer.
  • All new documents, including emails, letters, presentations and spreadsheets, are created with practice-perfect templates, delivering consistency at pace. Everything is always pre-filed, so you never have to think about clearing up your desktop at the end of the day.

A platform for collaboration

As firms move from a single app supplier for the entire practice suite to a best of breed model, accountants need a DM solution that can become their central repository. A repository that doesn’t constantly need a team of support staff to be downloading and uploading documents between systems. FYI is that repository and has been built as a collaboration platform.

  • With a few clicks, you can link FYI your clients chosen File Synch and Share Tool (DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive) and have documents automatically appear in your digital ‘in tray’ as soon as they are shared.
  • Seamlessly integrate each clients Xero Blue ledger and file year-end reports in seconds.
  • Send reports for your Corporate Affairs solution directly to FYI, without the need to download/upload.
  • Match data from the ATO and Xero Tax, and automatically produce the correct assessment letters.

All of this and more will be achievable with FYI, and more.

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