FYI + Xero

Deep integration with Xero’s suite of practice apps enables a universal view of each client in FYI without having to maintain multiple platforms.

Maintain a single source of truth for practice data

Use Xero Practice Manager as your one source of practice data. Import your Clients, Client Groups, Jobs and Team and continuously sync them with FYI.  No need to maintain data in multiple locations.

Merge data from Xero Practice Manager into practice templates

Save time by merging data from Xero Practice Manager – and more – into your email and document templates created in FYI.

Work with Xero Practice Manager Jobs in FYI

Auto-import job information from Xero Practice Manager and continuously sync with FYI. File emails and documents to a job – adding commentary or delegating tasks for your team. View the state of jobs without leaving FYI, and keep track of estimated versus actual time allocations. Or use our kanban-style Jobs Board to update job states with ease.

Record time, synced back to Xero Practice Manager.

Select any email, document, phone call record or meeting note in FYI and create time sheets in bulk, pre-populated with relevant information. Quick and easy to complete with all info syncing back to Xero Practice Manager, and no need to jump between platforms.

Automatically import, file and cross-check documents from Xero Tax

Keep your client file in FYI up to date with daily updates of links to new tax returns in Xero Tax. Import tax assessments from the Australian Taxation Office daily, auto-filed in FYI and cross-checked with Xero Tax. You can even auto-generate client email correspondence or send an alert to your team if any variances arise.

Automate document capture and filing from your client's Xero Ledger

Batch-create, import, and auto-file consistently named sets of reports from your client’s Xero Ledger, with a single click.


About Xero

The Xero suite helps accountants and bookkeepers collaborate with clients, manage your practice, and make compliance simple.
FYI's integration with XPM is really profound. It makes document management a breeze, and we now use FYI to manage jobs, reporting, tasks and workflow using the solid foundations that XPM provides

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